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how do I care for this jewellery?

This is a question that I am often asked. The answer is very simple and I use it myself in the workshop. Goddard’s ‘Silver Dip’ or any other liquid (dip) silver cleaner. They all do pretty much the same job but some are better than others.



Place the earring in the ‘Silver Dip’ for a couple of seconds. The tarnish will begin to disappear immediately. Take it out and rinse it for a while under running water to remove any residue of the ‘Silver Dip’ dab earring dry with paper towel or use a hairdryer. That’s it! You should now have a clean earring without any of the applied black oxidation removed.



To demonstrate the cleaning result I have included images of an earring which I left out in the workshop for about a year. As you can see it was very tarnished.



*Please note that rubbing jewellery will damage the carefully applied surface and also burnish the silver.


heavily tarnished earring before cleaning

after cleaning