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A love of experimentation and process has led me to develop a method of working with fine wire that lets me create spontaneous pieces whilst at the same time having an underlying control of technique. I love to work directly with the metal. This way I can discover and learn new things about the material I’m using. Surface changes in tone and texture can be achieved by using differing densities of wire. 

 Mixing my own gold alloys allows me to experiment with an array of shades not directly accessible to purchase as raw material. Added to the base layer of fine silver wire work creates a satisfying colour palette. My creative drive is propelled by interactions between the material properties and memories of visual inspiration such as walking in the woods and the coastal landscape of the north east.

Awards and Collections

Permanent Contemporary Jewellery Collection - Museo degli Argenti – Pitti Palace, Florence

Permanent Modern Collection – Goldsmith’s Council

Permanent Collection – Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Permanent Collection – National Museums Scotland

Gold and Silver Award Technological Innovation 3D(senior) – Goldsmiths’ Craft& Design Council. UK

Innovation Prize – Inhorgenta Munich